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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thank you. . >> afternoon, everyone. thanks for joining us. local 12 news has learned the massive investigation has wrapped up several arrests. >> it started with good old fashion police work and it went
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department of homeland security. local 12 rich jaffe is pulling the informs from our 6:00 show and what you could tell us? >> this investigation started nearly four years ago in harrison. involves drug dealers, both national and local biker gang. king pin dealer working out of prison. about 20 people finally charged and arrested. believe it or not, it was centered in ohio. he told me ab amazing tale how much crystal meth or ice was bringing to our community. this is what the motorcycle gangs has been all through the years. they have names like atlantic horsemen.
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mexican gappings. we will have it along with the people involved coming up at 6:00. >> when you hear about a small town, you don't expect. >> the world changes. >> and administrators at miami university are looking at information at hazing in campus. >> find out more about a number of complaints filed with students in spring rush. >> there are 21 allegations of hazing since the spring rush period began. officials say that exceeds the previous reports. >> they described the hazes as devehement behavior. and he's disturbed and says the hazing in some chapters won't be tolerate.
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this chapter was shut down few years ago amid the allegation. now a dozen fraternities an sorority ies have been suspended since 2012. we heard from one frat member who said the hazing has gotten out of hand and it needs to be brought under control. >> the school will not list specific allegations of hazing. two separate allegations are under way. no timetable for when they will be completed. >> adam high school student is charged with rape and kidnapping. he's accused of assaulting a 15-year-old girl and forcing her to his vehicle. he then drove to a secluded area and sexually assaulted the teen. the superintendent says blanton played football in the high school, but is registered in the
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we have reached out to the father, denny blanton, sr. he says the allegations against him are not true. . thanks in part for your response, a man who killed a local toddler will remain in prison. paul shafner is the boyfriend. brittany was just 18-month old, when doctors admitted her to children's hospital with several injuries. she died the next day. through the plea agreement, they convicted her of one count and sentenced him to 10-15 years in prison. more than 3 thousand people signed an on line position. he will remain in prison until
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until 2018. one day after the violent weather swept through the carolinas. the latest on the destruction from rockford, new york. amish residents came out after the tornado ripped their homes in pennsylvania. about 50 buildings were damaged. new jersey, crews spent the day clearing down trees. usually you don't see polls. >> in queens, new york, coast guard capsized. they brought the fisherman to safety after deciding the water was just too dangerous. >> he wound up in the water and he couldn't handle the
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the conditions are very deceiving. >> low tide has left the boat officially on the beach. >> the twisters were deadly in the south. three people died in waiverly virginia, when the tornado slammed into a tornado park. the tornado had wind speeds over 100 miles an hour. it cut a path of destruction, 9 miles long. one victim in waiverly was just 2-year-old. jamie lucas, rockaway, new york. and many are looking at at least 50 tornadoes this virginia. we have been pretty lucky when you look at that. you woke up with snow. what are we dealing with the rest of the day. weather center. >> we missed that in the severe weather.
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and areas that had the tornadoes, and severe weather across the central states. the storms have moved on out. as we get to precision doppler hd, mainly some light snow and flurries. temperatures freezing. out of snow, it's melting. see some of the flurries moving to downtown, butler county, you have light snow showers here and extends to south eastern indiana. union county and south eastern indiana, there's snow in the rooftops. this is where we see the most snow, along with warren county in lebanon. you're encountering some snow showers.
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during the day today. closer look, indicating moderate ban of snows. they are lagging behind around 40 degrees in critton. not air temperature, the temperature of the road. that's why even the snow, falling there, in the bridge. the roads are mainly wet. 36 at the airport, a lot of us in the middle 30s. here's the snow that's falling, in the back edge, starting to push in the northern part of the area. i think we'll see the steady light flurries, snow showers in the next couple of hours. it's flurries overnight tonight. temperatures done below freezing around midnight and continues to drop. and coming in 15 minutes, we have one more chilly day and a really nice forecast for the weekend. we'll talk about when the 60s will finally arrive in less than
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>> easy to go through. >> this is going to make you think, summer is the big names,
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. covered bridge in brown county is damaged by a semi by a large load. the mcafter earthy bridge is carried around brown county line. the bridge is closed. it may remain closed for a while. police believe the driver didn't realize how wide the road was when crossing the bridge. the rhine line-up for the festival now out. featuring some national and impressive regional act. tears for fears and more. this is the 5th year for the music festival. it will be held in sawyer point. you could buy more through the links. click on the get it link. >> and you probably seen them on tv.
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they stockpile water, food, weapons, just in case the worst may happen. >> it comes in all cases and actions. they are hoping for the worst but others are doing it because they think, just in case. some people say they are crazy. we will hear from jeremy baker who say some say think they are doing the right thing. they come in all sorts of prizes. some are hoping for the worst. others are planning for the worst but hoping for the best to protect their family. >> mark schilling doesn't call himself a prepper. >> the world today, is extremely reline on power. if i dp to your house and turn off the power for -- how long do you think you will last.
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prepping after the beth of their daughter. they collect things like water, salt and pancake mix. see the news, pettinna. we sat down and we haven't. >> most people i dealt with, i consider prepper -type mind-set, are kaktly the opposite. >> monty owns military surplus. he says some of the clientele will be considered prepper. >> preppers are crazy. extreme right wing. they are looking for something that happens. in my experience, that's not the case. >> they buy anything anybody is using for protection in case they are cut out from the outside world. >> emergency drinking water, emergency fuel sources, portable stove.
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>> it's good to have in case the emergency happens. how much do you think you will last? you're also providing for a family. >> >>. >> i though what you are thinking. i wish i had a panic room. i wish i have an organizational risk. >> i'm a what if person. probably somewhere in the middle, it's something good. >> at least bottled water. >> apple engineers are working
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>> and security in the . >> new york times report, apple engineers are working on security measures which will make it impossible for the governor to a locked i-phone. unlocking a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. federal judge ordered the company to help fbi agents to unlock the i-phone of farook.
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appeal the judge's ruling. . we are conducting a national poll. which do you think is more important. privacy or security. >> we're making it simplistic. a lot of people think, security and privacy is together. >> if you have to vote on this or that. >> you think people -- >> and will break did down. >> what do you say if the poll, in the kaes >> that may change things. >> i would say, because this happened, in this case, privacy may be more important. >> it depends. >> and yep. >> and most people are not fighting.
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are we simple for another day or are we simple for another couple of days. >> we let that go, oh, i like this. >> when it comes to the weekend. >> that's what we have this weekend. . >> i like it. we have one more. >> warming trend that will stay. that's what we are looking for. feels like february, looks like february. and position doppler hd. you could see the area of gray, pushing on through. >> temperatures were up the freezing mark. you could see still the flurries going in. and north of downtown hamilton, it's snowing pretty much all day.
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and there's snow in connorsville, liberty, union and south eastern indiana. most of the heavier snow is toward wimming top. maybe an inch. surrounded inch and a half. last check, it was melting. that's what it is doing. the roads are wet and they will stay wet as we go to the evening hours. averaging around 40 degrees. that's milking the snow, as soon as the snow touches the pavement. and we had some snow in the rooftops, as of noon. there's a little bit of snow, that has since melted much 37 in lynnekin. it's where they were sitting. they have not changed that much
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middle 30s. some snow showers and flurries pushing on through. we'll be left with flurries as we go to the evening hours. temperatures falling around the freezing mark. they continue to fall in the twenties. it will be colder tonight than it was last night. 26 degrees will be the temperature as of tomorrow morning. and that's the wind speeds coming out to the west. we look to the west and see the temperatures, it's not a big warm-up just yet. this is not very cold weather. it's below average but nothing too bad. the really warm weather is down towards dallas. that's moving in just in time for the weekend. you see some of the clouds in white. you could see some of the flurries embedded through that as we go through the day.
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warm up. it brings us the much nicer weather. 63 as we go to sunday. we will see the drop in temperatures. temperatures around freezing, few snow showers from time to time. no big snows in the seven day. >> at least, if we are going to get teased, it's good to be teased in the weekend. >> first at 4:00, counting down to oscar night.
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will take home an osccar.. >> passenger has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit. suit filed claims that royal caribbean knew or should have known about the warnings for the hurricane-forced winds in the atlantic set sale from new jersey earlier this month. the ship encountered 30 foot waves in north carolina the next day. the company gave north carolina a refund, and half off a future crews. >> handful of the brightest
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other nominees still will not leave empty-handed by a long shot. >> this year, many are getting ever. chris martinez shows us, the precious swag is showing controversy. >> win or lose, many, will take home from the week. lifestyle supply of skin cream. >> skin care system for your bottom. >> this unofficial oscar gift bag, includes optimum items. thousand. they have assembled the presence for 14 years. placement. >> wearing your jewelry or showing up your resort. it's worth far more than any away.
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a lawsuit, claiming the company used the oscar name to promote the bag, even though it's not affiliated. in a statement, all reports of an unofficial gift bag are untrue. >> i'm happy to say, we are having active positive affirmation. we're close to reach an agreement >> as for the swags, it's not entire free. recipients have to pay taxes on the extravagant goodies. chris martinez, los angeles. >> not every nominee is going to the expense sif gift bags, along with the show's host, chris rock. what i want to know, what does skin cream do for your bottom? >> thousands of skin cream. >> is it a lift? >> $200 thousand in a swag bag you have to pay taxes. >> it's only been taxable the
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i wonder, if you could say, i don't want some of the items. i don't want to pay tax for that. >> republican presidential candidates go head to head >> we'll take you live out of houston for today's debate.
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nonot y . >> we begin is this half hour with new concerns about the flu. doctors in italy's part of the tri-state seen the highest numbers they've seen. joining us where it's going around and to keep your family from getting it is medical reporter, liz bonis. >> the systems are very severe. if you have a fever, body aches, you could have the flu or precursor from pneumonia. both are going around the tri-state. last week, we told you in northern kentucky, there's a 40 percent jump in cases in a week. this week, it's even higher yet. >> right now, we're higher than the numbers we've had the flu season.
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cases are still climbing so are the systems. they are tracking the outbreak and what brings people in the areas as well. >> right now, we have what is called widespread activity. kentucky reports actual numbers. and those could be transported to a lab or could do a rapid test in the doctor's office. >> like a two week period, our numbers more than doubled. >> this year as vaccine, one of the best in a long time to the strange going around. at least 60 percent effective according to the centers for
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which is why jessica got the vaccine for her own protection and also her daughters. little audra was 5-month old. she was too young. >> pregnant women, older adults and those with illnesses, such as diabetes that could compromise immunity, advise it's not too late to get the vaccine. . >> i always say, once you get the flu, you will get a flu shot. >> you remember how bad it felt? >> yes, i thought it was good. >> and health workers sent me information in the last few hours. they don't track actual cases. three weeks in a row, they've seen a slight jump in flu activity. and last week, there was so many hospital lizizations in our area, automatically, if someone
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if that's circulating, you want to test and find out. in two weeks, you get antibodies from the vaccine. if you get a vaccine shot now, you could get the protection. >> and men could handle it much worst. >> you said it >> rebecca at 5:30. thanks, liz. >> texas size showdown. that's what we're expecting with the can daes square off for the last time before super tuesday. emily joins us for the last time. >> it is the tenth time the republican candidates have squared off. we will see five from the stage. >> the stage set and the players know their role.
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to cnn last night. >> people have not done good with me >> senator marco rubio, telling the crowd in houston. >> donald trump eluded to the fact, he thinks obama care, pretty good. >> and for senator ted cruz, who is from texas, to take homecourt advantage. this is texas's time to choose. it is the man and women across the state. the time for the circus. they are determined to pick up all-important delegate. get ready. what happens in the hall, will influence voters in this state this super tuesday. >> for the first time in
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you have them on your computer at home. up to the minute reaction from voters like you. reporting live in houston, emily. >> and very high-tech. look at the winners and losers from the debate on local 12 news, live at 11:00. >> tuesday, it will be crazy? >> i wonder. we'll see a true front-runner. >> maybe by tuesday, we'll be cold again. before then, we have a chance to get warm. not immediately. >> we have something to look forward to. we can look forward to the warmer weather. we have to get ready for the one more day. in the 30s right now and producing some snow showers. how is it snowing? just off the
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clouds, it's below freezing. nothing is really sticking anywhere other than wilmington. we've had an inch and a half earlier. temperatures, downtown. harris son, lunkin. and 35 degrees right now. 33 in wilmington that's where we have the snow cover on the ground. we're left with flurries as we go through the overnight hours. and eventually the 30s by early tomorrow morning, waking up to the early 20s in many areas. there's a few thunderstorms in
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you may know this, but your . >> today in cincinnati refined. short drive. the hotel, in french lake indiana was once known as one in the world. later, it became a jesseuit cemetery. the beautiful hotel with the full service spa and fine dining is part of the french resort. see more on the hotel and all
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cincinnati . mcdonald's is testing out. and starting this week, people in los angeles and san diego, will be abe to buy two different low carb breakfast bowls. one contains egg mcmuffins. and another scrambled eggs and chore izzo sausage. mcdonald's will be using lower calorie, chibbonie smoothies. >> and beijing has replaced new york as the city with the world's most billionaires. and new york, which topped the list for years is now in second place with 95 billionaires.
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billionaires, followed by hong kong, which has 64. shanghai wrapped. >> banks rebounded in the strength of higher oil prices. dow jones industrial rose. nasdaq chimed 39. s&p 500 jumped 21 points. ee your job may be more than looks. >> top five to make it attractive >> physical therapist founder, entrepreneurer. pr communications and teacher. >> you're married to a teacher >> okay. . >> wealth, pilot is the up with for men.
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>> a look at the day's . >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c. i'm jonathan
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the group beheaded 12 security officers in the process. they used the headless body to block the group but they were eventually headed out of office. she made the posts in august, with the names, cities and phone numbers of two fbi agents under the words, wanted to kill. investigators say she's an isis sympathizer and posted threats on 97 different accounts. israel's defense minister is accusing iran, that includes sleeper cells that are stockpiling arms and operatives in order to strike in command cases and in the united states. >> i'm jonathan alliance. >> girl power. there's a new line of action figures. mary looks at new merchandise.
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>> and i could do a car chase. >> super girl and super friends will have a new life in target stores. featuring action fegs and clothes. all the characters have girl power. >> never known a woman like me. >> and the focus on women comes after the new star wars action figure lines, famously didn't feature any females. even though the main character, star wars is a woman. the new chas of super heroes will be soaring in stores next month. for super watch, melanie naomi. >> the super girl series. >> flying off the shelves.
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incredible hulk. >> high-tech crime fighting tool. it links to the system, and it's called the national information network. the system is on high demand. coming at 5:30, deb dixon, why experts say the ballistic imaging is a game changer. northern kentucky, ruled the equipment today. >> the teen this helped man and beast. >> and this week, we saw another local person die in a crash that police believe the driver was live on heroin. he spent days riding with the cops trying to fight the
4:50 pm
he'll have exclusive videos on why it's so important for one recovering. and rob has been telling me some of the ride alongs he's done with the cops. some of the video you will see is absolutely amazing. >> we're in an epidemic. >> tonight's story will be good. rob and i will be back at 5:00. >> see you then. cut-in-hill, moving decently. are we worries of any moisture in the air. >> we have some of the moisture in the air producing the flurries. roads are wet and we'll dry out in the weekend. that's what we are looking forward to. we have one more day. just like today, we sat there in
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we won't have all the snow. you could still see it falling in doppler hd. the brighter whites indicating some heavier snow. and as we zoom in, most are flurries. it's green every now and then. some of the raindrops are pushing in. and this is where we saw most of the snow, in wilmington. by most snow, inch and a half at most. they've checked the cameras and it's patchy, and warren county in i-71. it's showing some light snow and light dusting on the ground. even up here in wilmington we're seeing some wet pavement. 30 seconds ago, the snow is coming down decently in oxford. :
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pattern, where the signs a little bit and drops down to a few flurries. and here, the temperatures in the middle 30s. if you think about it, it's snowing. temperatures are freezing. earlier, we're around 32. if you woke up pretty early, we have some snow, down -- and dusting on the grass in some cases. behind that, we have a few flurries. we're not worrying about any accumulation. i think rose, we'll be in an okay shape. you have to watch if there's any reresidential roads. there's a chance for a few straight flurries from time to time. 26 degrees, the temperature as you wake up tomorrow morning.
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about, coming as one. in fact, we can see some large spread 60s. and keep the forecast updated on the app store and google play. just about all day long. 36 off towards the west. we're in the 40s. we're expecting pretty similar temperatures coming tomorrow. you want the really warm weather, the 60s. down to the south. that's what's coming our way. i'll show you why as we get to the weekend. winds coming to the north and west. and wind is coming from the north and west, over the lake. it's not as many clouds as we had today. at least we'll see some sun tomorrow. then the focus turns to the high pressure.
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wind to the south and west. it's going to be a gradual but quick warm-up in the 60s by late in the weekend. highs around 60 degrees. no chance of rain. 63 degrees and we're staying dry until the evening and overnight hours. that's when we start to see a few showers. they will be pretty light. we're watching a few thunderstorms and storms in the 60s. it's not going to be a big deal. a lot of it is melting in contact. exact same deal. >> take it. >> not too bad >> discarded puppy, gets a new
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. >> golden retriever left mutilated left for dead in south carolina. >> and some of the subject matter is disturbing. in the end, what jared shares is heart warming. >> buried in a trash bag in a street in korea, 2-year-old's golden retriever mix. was raised for her meat >> they pay a lot for it. it's illegal dog meat.
4:58 pm
rescued several dogs from abusive backgrounds. this could be the saddest case. her paws became wounded an infected. the butcher thought her meat would be ran sid, so he literally through her in the garbage. right people found her and gave her the care she needed. even though she couldn't move, she kept wagging. >> that's when they say, she deserves a chance >> they named her chi-chi. vets padded her legs. with a little coaxing, she's able to walk again. >> actually walks and moves. she moves across the room with somewhat ease. >> why is it important to save the one dog from the other side of the world. >> raise awareness an get people to pay attention to the fact that people are torturing and
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>> chi-chi is being fitted for prosthetic legs and is learning to be a normal dog >> picture of her holding a dog in her mouth. >> will fit well with her roommate and family in phoenix. >> you know, so many people would have adopted the dog >> chi-chi is apparently set to move to the u.s. in a few weeks. >> fraternities and sororities under scrutiny >>. why did they know. what did they know and when did they know it. lawmakers say they have evidence, by the maker of defective air bags. this is local 12 news live at 5:00.
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sorority, is supposed to be a time for college students make new friends and may last a lifetime. >> miami university is taking action to cut shorts the pledge process. larry davis on what school leaders say about the situation. hi, larry. >> he called this devious behavior. he called an end. house. it sits empty. miami shut down the sigma ki fraternity because of hazing among other things. they resulted in some students actually being hospitalized. >> hazing allegations cast a cloud at fraternity row. 21 reported incidents are higher


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